Are the t-shirts men's or women's sizing?

The famously soft, "I Love Public Schools" t-shirt by Nebraska Loves Public Schools is unisex. It runs mostly true to size, but is not a generous cut.  We encourage you to think about how you like a t-shirt to fit. If you’re a man and like extra room in your t-shirt, you should order up a size. If you’re a woman, you can expect the t-shirt to fit more true to size. 


What are the colors available?

Currently, there are three colors available to choose from: blue, midnight blue and red. 


Are the shirts made in the USA?

Although these shirts are not made in the USA, our t-shirt manufacturer is committed to maintaining and upholding responsible workplace and environmental standards. All U.S. production and office facilities are WRAP Certified.  WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) is a globally recognized, independent third party certifying body whose mission is to promote ethical, humane and lawful conditions and practices in all manufacturing facilities. Companies accepted into the WRAP organization go through an extensive application process in which manufacturing facilities, working environments, and worker's rights are inspected and approved by the WRAP association. WRAP certifications are awarded based upon both internationally and nationally accepted humane workplace standards, local laws, and ethical manufacturing regulations.  

What is the material of the shirt?

The t-shirt is a tri-blend made of cotton, polyester, and rayon. The shirts are super soft and comfortable to wear.

Are there sizes available different from what I see on the chart?

We currently offer adult t-shirts in XS through 4XL.

How do I place my school’s order?

Each principal assigned a t-shirt coordinator to this project.  The coordinator will receive a separate email from Nebraska Loves Public Schools informing them of their User ID, the password, and the budget gifted to their school for t-shirts.


How was my school's budget decided?

When the principal or t-shirt coordinator for each school provided us with the number of shirts needed for their school's staff, including all support staff. We then multiplied the number of shirts given by 20, which is the value of each t-shirt.


How long will it take for us to get our t-shirts once the order is placed?

Due to the overwhelming response and the sheer volume of t-shirts that we will be processing in the coming weeks, we ask that you please allow 4-6 weeks for your school’s t-shirts to arrive.


What happens if a principal didn’t send in the information required by the deadline?

Over 400 principals throughout the state responded to our initial email.  For those that missed the deadline, there will be additional opportunities to order staff shirts in Spring 2017.


What if I would like to order and pay for extras?

We would love for you to share your support of public schools far and wide. You can add additional t-shirts to your order and pay via credit card. Each t-shirt is $20, which includes shipping.


Where does the funding for this project come from?

Nebraska Loves Public Schools is dedicated to supporting public education one film at a time. We are generously funded by The Sherwood Foundation, whose dedication to our mission has allowed us to gift every educator in the state of Nebraska with a free t-shirt in 2017. 


How do I learn more about Nebraska Loves Public Schools or watch their films?

To see real examples of the great things happening in public schools across the state, please visit our website.