Nebraska Loves Public Schools is dedicated to supporting public  education one documentary film at a time. For nearly six years, we've been sharing about the good things happening in Nebraska's public schools and along the way, we created the  I love Public Schools message and the iconic t-shirt as a symbol of our work and as a dedication to the teachers and students who make a difference in our community.   

Whether you're a teacher, parent or proud community member, the  I love Public Schools message is a conversation starter and it prompts everyone to talk about why public schools are so valuable to our greater community and why Nebraskans and people all over the country support our students. 

If you need help with what to share, we invite you to  explore our films, find inspiration in the stories  and discover how to take action at

A gift for our teachers

As you can imagine, our t-shirts have become a point of pride for everyone across the state and the momentum is growing. Through your purchases, Nebraska Loves Public Schools will provide free t-shirts to the educators across the state. Thank you for your support of our public schools. 


Nebraska Loves Public Schools is made possible by The Sherwood Foundation.